BASE CAMP masks are with the 6-layer filters including double-layer Non-woven Polypropylene, double-layer Melt-blown and one layer Activated charcoal and one layer ES Cotton. Among them, the melt blown layers and activated carbon layer play an important role.

Melt-blown cloth is made of a polypropylene material called high-melt-finger fiber. It is a kind of ultra-fine fiber cloth with a unique capillary structure.
The cloth has good air filtration properties, and the melt blown cloth will also undergo electrostatic treatment, which can effectively use static electricity and absorb viruses, dust, and droplets that are smaller than the melt blown cloth itself.
Mainly used for filter materials, medical and health materials, environmental protection materials

Activated carbon is a kind of microcrystalline carbon material that is made of carbon-containing material and has smaller pores-capillary tubes, developed internal pore structure, large surface area and strong adsorption capacity.
It has the ability to absorb almost all types of vapors, organic molecules, solvents, volatile organic compounds (VOC), odors and a variety of chemical substances.
It can absorb peculiar smell, smoke and waste gas. It is mainly used for gas adsorption, decolorization and solvent recovery. It is also a material in gas masks.

BASE CAMP Activated Replacement


Warm tips: A proper seal is only required on the filter, not the mask shell.

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