BASE CAMP was founded in 2005. Since 2005, we have focused on designing and developing the safety of personal protective gear. Whatever protective cycling helmets or dust safety masks, the safety of the people is our top concern.
So far, the fifth generation mask has been produced and we will keep proceeding with the design and development of our face masks with endless research & testing to execute a high-quality product.
Our first generation of face mask is a sports mask with one-way exhalation valves. In order to improve the air permeability of the mask shell and enhance the filtration efficiency of filters, the second generation of BASE CAMP® dust breathing mask came into being. This mask is made of a more breathable mask shell and with 6 layers filters adopted by EAPI(Electrostatic Adsorption+Physical Interception) filter technology and Advanced Nanotechnology.
We have been struggling to listen to customers' needs and improve or update BASE CAMP series of masks accordingly, so we have a new model of mask. The third generation of mask is BASE CAMP® M Plus Dust Face Mask. High-quality mesh materials and enlarged one-way valves are 26.3% more efficient in exhausting heat, water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc. , which decrease humidity and keep filters performing high filtration.

M Plus dust mask:
The fourth generation M Cross Mask design features the same highly breathable, comfortable, and durable mesh fabric construction as the M Plus, but offers something a little different in the back. The M Cross mask with two adjustable stretch straps that provide you with the same additional mobility possibilities. The M Cross is also excellent in the summer heat. BASE CAMP was initially designed to use for woodworking, construction, mowing, sanding, gardening etc. to filter air dust, particles, pollen, etc.

M Cross dust mask:

Due to the challenging period, some places encourage or require masks without exhalation valves.
Meanwhile, single-use face masks are impacting our environment. In response to these, we've developed the fifth generation of reusable face mask without valve and can be reused.
BASE CAMP® 4D design and sturdy cotton allow the mask to multiple face shapes and sizes, keep the mask slightly off your face for smooth breath, leaving a greater range of motion when you talk. It can be for your daily use. If you want to keep safe but stay fashionable, sustainable and save money, this mask is the right choice for you.

C14 cloth face mask:

These are the introduction of all our masks. Hope this helps you better understand our company and products. Thank you.

Stay safe and healthy

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