BASE CAMP® Sealed Valve Caps Combo Kit

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BASE CAMP Sealed Valve Caps(Smart Caps)



+The sealed valve caps would completely block venting through the exhale valves, causing your exhaled breath to pass through the mask filter.

+Compatible with BASE CAMP M Plus or M Cross mask only Users could easily retrofit their masks with a one-way valve cap or sealed valve cap.

+Helps prevent the unfiltered airborne particulate to those around you in tight indoor spaces.

+Application Use it when you are in environments where there is a requirement to close your valves.

Note: 2 sealed valve caps only, not including cap base, diaphragms, and a dust mask.

Package Combo Kit Contains

2 x Replaceable Sealed Valve Caps for BASE CAMP M Plus or M Cross




1-To be safe for you and others, it is recommended that you check and tighten the valve before wearing the mask to avoid the valves falling off accidentally.

2-When removing and cleaning the mask shell and valve, pay attention to keeping and checking the integrity of the accessories, so as to prevent the accessories from falling and losing accidentally.


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