BASE CAMP was founded in 2005, and originated the spirit of 'climbing in the camp'. Steven, the founder, and his partner have dedicated themselves to creating high-quality bike helmets that blend fashion and safety, earning praise from cyclists.

We have been dedicated to the safety field, valuing and carefully listening to customer feedback, and constantly improving and expanding our product line. In order to meet cyclists' demand for high-quality and affordable masks, after years of intensive market research and experience with other products, BASE CAMP introduced its first neoprene mask in 2015. Initially designed for the sports industry, the mask quickly garnered attention from other fields like woodworking, agriculture, and construction.

With 9 years of focus in the dust mask industry, we have over a million users across various industries. We understand our customers' pursuit of safety and comfort. BASE CAMP filters utilize electrostatic adsorption physical interception filter technology, and advanced nanotechnology. Starting from June 1, 2020, filters were enhanced with additional melt-blown fabric, offering improved protection for you and your loved ones. Our masks are renowned for their premium quality, comfort, and affordability. Whether you’re taking on a big project or just hanging around the house, BASE CAMP Wood Dust Masks are the perfect filtration mask for you.

BASE CAMP has been committed to providing high-quality and comfortable dust masks, ensuring people obtain safe and comfortable breathing protection in the face of dust, particles, and pollution, and enjoy fresh air. Thank you for being part of the BASE CAMP Mask family.

BASE CAMP belief has never changed: be brave to practice and innovate, and meet the needs of our valued consumers.