The Best Woodworking Tools for Beginners

In today's industrialized society, woodworking is not as commonly used as it used to be. Many families no longer hire woodworkers to "craft furniture," shifting woodworking more towards a hobby. To assist woodworking enthusiasts in their journey, this article will introduce ten essential tools for woodworking DIY. Welcome to add to the list in the comments section.


The plane is the most basic woodworking hand tool. Run a piece of rough, uneven wood through the planer to create a smooth, horizontal surface.

Surface Planer

The plane creates a smooth horizontal surface. Achieving absolute precision in leveling is a challenging task, especially for novices. However, the surface planer machine proves highly effective in assisting beginners in overcoming this difficulty.


Saws are among the fundamental hand tools in woodworking, often referred to as hand saws when they are manually operated. Cutting boards is a physically demanding task, and if you prefer not to exert too much effort or lack strength, you can opt for a mechanical bandsaw to handle these cutting operations. As you can see in the picture below, a bandsaw can easily saw a square circle with a single turn.


Rasps are a shape of the hand tool used to file the component holes, corners, and grooves or repair irregular surfaces. According to its shape, it is divided into flat rasp, round rasp, etc.


A hammer is a must-have tool for every household. Woodworkers typically use different types of hammers, including wood hammers, iron hammers, and glue hammers. It's ideal to have one of each type. The wood hammer is handy for carving or chiseling delicate details, the iron hammer is perfect for driving nails or tackling heavier chiseling tasks, and the glue hammer is primarily used for installations.

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is the most common and easiest tool, can be forward and reversed and adjust the speed, and can be used for metal materials, wood, plastic, and other drilling. And can install or remove screws.

Cordless Jigsaw

A cordless saw is a great tool for sawing plates in furniture DIY. With the use of drill press table drills, you can saw a variety of hollowed-out patterns, and it is very convenient to saw curves for some larger plates. The disadvantage is that you can not saw too thick board, and the saw surface is not flat enough.

Random Orbit Sander

A random orbit sander is a sanding tool that utilizes rotating vibrations to carry sandpaper, eliminating the need for manual sanding and significantly enhancing the efficiency of DIY projects. These sanders are portable and cost-effective, with the only drawback being the challenge of effective dust collection. Therefore, it's advisable to use a dust mask while operating the sander to mitigate this issue.

Dust mask

Due to the wood chips and dust generated during woodworking, it can be irritating to the respiratory tract. For this reason, protection is essential. When engaging in woodworking tasks, it's crucial to use masks to ensure proper respiratory safety. Particularly during sanding, where dust levels are high, wearing a mask is a must.


When cutting and sanding, make sure to safeguard your eyes from dust.


The above ten tools are what you need to know for woodworking DIY. It's important to be aware that some tools pose higher safety risks, requiring careful operation and the implementation of necessary protective measures.

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