Q1: What is your occupation?
Graphic designer, motion graphics artist, videographer, and photographer.

Q2: When did you get into carpentry?
I have always had it around me. My grandfather and great uncle were really talented wood workers with the lathe. My dad was a engineer…he wasn’t a fine woodworker but he taught me all the ideas behind making a structure sound. My best friend growing up ended up becoming a master carpenter and helped me as I started refurbishing me grandfathers house. I learned a ton from him.

Q3: What do you think is the most fascinating thing about carpentry?
Learning and the bond between you and natural material. I don’t care if you use hand tools, power tools or computer tools like cnc’s. Just the feel of having a piece of fine finished wood in your hands is exhilarating. And the most satisfying part goes between figuring out a problem or applying the last coat of finish and admiring your work. That might sound conceded but admiring how far I have come always makes me want to go to the next level and learn more.

Q4: What’s most important to you in the mask that you wear?
The most important part would have to be the confidence that the mask is tight and keeping my lungs safe. The next part would be the comfort and full fitment.

Q5: What’s your motto?
Never stop learning. The wiseman is the man that thinks he knows the least amount…wealth means nothing to me…as long as I am finding joy I will always strive to learn a little more.

Q6: What do you feel about using BASE CAMP masks?
The key words I would consider using would be comfortable and effective. I have never enjoyed wearing masks due to the fit or lack of room inside the mask. BASE CAMP masks are a much different feel. There is room inside the mask to breathe and not overheat. They are made from a comfortable fabric that doesn’t irritate my skin. The newer model, that was sent to me, has the ability to keep the bottom strap on while taking the top off and just have it drape off your neck. This makes it comfortable to take on and off quickly between cuts. I have loved using the masks.

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