base camp mask brand ambassador
Meet our brand ambassador - passionate carpenter Kevin Lambert.

Kevin will join the BASE CAMP team to work closely with us to create healthier and more beautiful living and working environments in our communities.

About Kevin:
He's a carpenter who’s been passionate about wood for over twenty years.

Kevin's very sporty. He practices basketball, mountain biking, and running.

"I use BASE CAMP masks first and foremost for my protection because that’s essential, especially when I’m in contact with a lot of dust. What’s more, they’re comfortable and very practical, a quality that’s close to perfection."

We're ecstatic to be working with you, Kevin! On the BASE CAMP team, we work together to create a safe, healthy, breathing environment for our community.

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It’s been a few months since I proudly became the French ambassador for the brand, which I try to represent as best I can.
I personally find that the quality, effectiveness and comfort of the masks are just unique.

I use them to work, but also to do my sport and learn to manage my breathing.
I’m fully satisfied with the whole range and will continue to promote this high-end brand as best I can!


Kevin Brand Ambassador France

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