Wood dust is produced in the wood processing process, comes from wood, and belongs to organic dust. On October 27, 2017, in the list of carcinogens published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization, wood dust was listed as a category 1 carcinogen (that is, confirmed human carcinogen). Researchers have conducted surveys on patients with nasal cancer, and they found that 48%-63% of patients had a history of carpentry.

How can wood dust cause cancer?
Because wood dust contains a certain amount of tar, tannins, tannic acid, unsaturated benzene hydrocarbons and their oxides, etc.
People who have been exposed to high concentrations of wood dust for a long time,
There will be some wood dust deposited in the nasal cavity, which can cause nasal adenocarcinoma, lymphoma and so on.

Who is susceptible to wood dust?
Logging practitioners and furniture factory workers, some people engaged in interior decoration, freelance workers making wood products, etc.,
They have been exposed to higher concentrations of wood dust for a long time and are more susceptible to wood dust than the general population.
Especially some freelancers, they cannot correctly understand the hazards of wood dust, and they cannot be like corporate workers.
Accept the protection and supervision of the corporate system, fail to take correct protective measures against wood dust,
Even without protection, health is more susceptible to the threat of wood dust!

How to reduce the harm of wood dust?
1 Ventilation and dust removal. In the daily interior decoration process, you can open windows for ventilation, which is simple and easy.
Mobile dust removal equipment can also be used, and the dust source can usually be sealed. If it is not easy to seal the dust source, a local dust removal device can be used.
2 Many dust removal methods are not ideal, and it is particularly important to take personal protective measures. Wear dust masks, dust-proof clothing, etc.
3 Wet work, sprinkling water on the work site when conditions permit, is the easiest and most convenient measure.

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