BCMASK™ N Plus Dust Mask Combo Kit

Specification: 1-PACK
Size: Regular
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360-Degree Seal with Self-developed NL Material Specially engineered high-stretch composite material combines Neoprene and Lycra, crafted through a unique ratio and compression process for a 360-degree seal. Neoprene, famed for its elasticity in diving suits, ensures a secure fit in the N Plus. Skin-friendly Lycra lining for a comfortable wearing experience.

Ergonomic Diamond-shaped Ear Strap Design Featuring a unique diamond-shaped side opening design, it uses lever principles to evenly distribute pressure through upper and lower pivot points and the tension of elastic bands. This securely grips the mask against the face, providing added comfort for the ears. A single Velcro design ensures easy putting on and taking off.

Strong Filtration Protection N Plus wood dust mask utilizes EAPI filtration technology and advanced nanotechnology, employing a six-layer filter that blocks up to 99.6% of exhaust fumes, pollen, dust, particulates, smoke, and non-oil particles. Dual melt-blown layers with electrostatic adsorption and an activated carbon layer effectively absorb pollutants and reduce odors, breathing clean air with every use.

Ultra-Smooth Breathing Experience Carefully designed mesh Neoprene grid pattern and Mesh Fabric increase breathability, improving air circulation by 11.3%, effectively dissipating heat and reducing internal moisture for smooth breathing.

Efficient Anti-fog Design Enhanced by an enlarged one-way valve design, it improves efficiency by 26.3% in expelling heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide, reducing humidity inside the mask to maintain high filtration efficiency. An adjustable nose clip helps seal the nose area, minimizing fogging of glasses.

The Best Choice for Pros Suitable for woodworking, lawn care, painting, construction, cleaning, running, cycling, and more. Whether you need extended daily wear as a professional or for short-term daily wear as an individual, this mask ensures comfort and high performance. It comes with 6 filters and a reusable eco-friendly storage bag for convenient carrying and storage.

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