BASE CAMP® Mask Nose Foam

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Relieve Nose Bridge Pressure Those comfort nose sponges are the perfect addition to your BASE CAMP Mask. Mask foam pads relieve pressure from the sensitive nose bridge, greatly enhancing the comfort of wearing the mask.

Anti-Fog for Glasses Wearers By carefully cutting the shape to be ergonomic, nose foam makes the mask sit snug and comfy, enhancing its seal. Mask foam strips prevent the mask from fogging by diverting your air through the mask and not under the nose clip.

Soft and Lightweight Memory Foam Soft, lightweight memory foam contours to the bridge of the nose leaving no gaps between you and your face mask.

Self-adhesive The nose foam pad comes with a self-adhesive strip that you can customize and affix to the inside of the mask according to your preference.


User Guide

Since everyone has different nose shapes, we've designed foam strips that you can attach yourself to personalize your nose's comfort.

Step 1. Remove the sticky adhesive paper from the back of the foam strip.
Step 2. Attach the foam strip to the interior side of the filter. Tip: Attach it to the nose bridge position for more comfortable experiences.
Step 3. Repeat the above steps when replacing the filter.

Don't hesitate to contact our customer support team if you have any questions. We would be happy to help!

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10× BASE CAMP Mask Nose Foam

20× BASE CAMP Mask Nose Foam

30× BASE CAMP Mask Nose Foam

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