BASE CAMP® Valve Combo Kit

Number: 1/SET
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A one-way airflow vent expels condensation keeping the dust mask interior dry.

Each valve facilitates easy breathing outwards by optimizing airflow.

An easy-twist seal locks the inner filter in place and blocks unfiltered air.

Our Replacement Exhalation Valves are made of thicker plastic, providing added durability.

1 set of M Plus or M Cross valve and 4 diaphragms only, not including dust mask.
*Replacement Exhalation Valve and Diaphragms only for M Plus or M Cross

Package Combo Kit Includes

1 ×Set of BASE CAMP M Plus or M Cross valve(Included 1 cap and 1 base)
4 ×BASE CAMP M Plus diaphragms

4 ×Set of BASE CAMP M Plus or M Cross valve(Included 4 caps and 4 bases)
16 ×BASE CAMP M Plus diaphragms
*Valves only need to be replaced if they become damaged or if a piece goes missing.


1-To be safe for you and others, it is recommended that you check and tighten the valve before wearing the mask to avoid the valves falling off accidentally.

2-When removing and cleaning the mask shell and valve, pay attention to keeping and checking the integrity of the accessories, so as to prevent the accessories from falling and losing accidentally.

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